Why We Use VPN Services

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is basically the best solution for those internet lovers who want to enjoy barrier free internet facility without disclosing your personal identity. Sometimes VPN is also helpful for those people in that region of the world who suffers from blockage of different websites and social media connecting soft wares. Well every one perceives VPN’s benefit in different manner. Some considered this as a key for generating secure environment while other finds its traces on catching their best entertainment activity live as well as recorded ones too. Some of the main 10 best benefits you get by using VPN facility are as under.

Mark Your Presence Unidentified

If you become regular researcher, a good writer and a reporter you are continuously using internet facility and this keeps your identity questionable as you have to search about different corners of life covering emotionally unstable, vulnerable and sensitive topics. For this purpose you must be visiting sites related to war, violence, terrorism and other related topics. For this you have to make a cover around you when you are searching this deep. Law enforcing agencies keeps an eye over you continuously due to this reason. So you regularly want a VPN to get you anonymous and freely get your desired result without any hesitation.

Enjoying Your Best T.V Shows Away From Home With VPN

Living in USA gives you full authority to enjoy entertainment channels like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora etc. as it is restricted and is not broadcast for the people living in UK, Canada, Europe and Asia, Australia and other countries due to copyright agreements. This must be done wisely by just tracing your login details. If these may be found from above mentioned regions you are then not be able to get access your desired result.

Using an appropriate VPN helps you out. This shifts your IP address to that place where these entertainment channels possessed no restriction so you can enjoy Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora at your own vicinity.

Overcome Country’s Censorship Program

As the restrictions made by the local authorities for the students and office workers for not opening their desired content then in the same way government authorities have full advantage to block the entire country’s websites and allow people to surf only limited websites. If you are living in China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Cuba etc you are not be able to access favorite social and entertainment websites like Face book, YouTube etc.

Using a VPN allows you to bypass country’s censorship program. By using a VPN you are able to enjoy entire World web. It also hides your page to page activity to be disclosed in front of the government agencies.

Privacy is All What Matters

Well it’s a matter of fact that everyone considered privacy as their first priority. That’s why protection is necessary in all walks along the internet connection you are using. You as normal user did not want your identity to be disclosed or surveilled by hackers and security agencies. This must be the reason user spends 15-20 dollars in a month for getting not only good but the best VPN provider. This will becomes the duty of VPN provider to give 100 % protection in all aspects.

Make your Browsing Anonymous

VPN loaded with that kind of features that you can turns your identity to get anonymous. By doing this you can completely encrypted your data which is not understandable by the normal hackers as well as for the authorities who continuously keeping an eye over you. It also continuously switch your location and IP address so quickly and as much as possible that it also is a very difficult task where the actual place of the user is.

Protect your Internet Telephoning

After the introduction of voice call software like Skype, Lync and others, it becomes easy for the people to connect with their loved ones. But all the time you connect your call can be traced by the normal hacker. Obviously you want privacy in this aspect but hackers interfere in that too. One solution cares for you i.e. VPN protects you completely. You must be tension free and talk freely with your spouse and friends however the drawbacks are the cut off speed and also the price. But for your own privacy you must be spending anything for getting 100% secure.

Unblock the Country’s / GEO Restricted Content

In many regions of the world you must be visiting not only for the holidays but also for the office work purpose. In both of these cases a normal user is suffering from the restricted content by that country due to their own policies. They enjoyed their best websites like Hulu, Netflix and You Tube way back their homes but in the new region they are blocked. To unblock this VPN does the trick. It can switch user’s IP address to that region where that content is available. So investing 10-15 dollars on it is not a big deal.

Hide your Uploading and Downloading of P2P Files

The Motion Picture of Association of America along with other small video and music industries is actively against the direct P2P file sharing due to restrict the illegal downloads and copyright issues. The authorities keeping their good eye over the P2P users to detect whoever is involve will get punishment according to the laws set for copyrights.

To overcome this, user of P2P file sharing need to be smart and to prove this smartness the choice to use a VPN is the ultimate option. By using a VPN you cannot be detect by the authorities as your IP is switching continuously from one place to another. The main drawback is that it cut down your downloading speed about 30-35 % however selecting the best VPN provider produces better result in this aspect as well.

Enjoy Public Wi-Fi Without any Hesitation

Travelling these days is simple and added with so much fun. You must be taking your personal gadgets and laptop along with you to do your office work and enjoy music and videos online. You must not take your portable LAN connection along with. Best solution is to connect with the public Wi-Fi. Sometimes it is vulnerable to connect with the open network as it is easy to make you harm in different ways. It is not good for the users to make confidential emails as the signals are open for all even a junior hacker can harm you by just using Evil Twin phony hotspot or a Firefox Tamper Data plug inn.

If you are a regular traveler and if it’s a must situation to use internet through public Wi-Fi so investing on VPN is not a bad choice at all.

Bypass Restriction at your Workplace and School

Working in the office and producing huge amount of work, you must need a break in between. Obviously surfing time over internet is your first priority. Similarly when you are at school you always need an internet connection to explore and need help in doing your work and at your leisure time you are eager to open Face book, Twitter and other social media websites. In both of these above mentioned cases you are not going to access the restricted data which includes browsing and checking details of your Face book page, watching videos on YouTube, reading Tweets, flicker, hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo email accounts.

To by pass this restriction you must be heading towards the VPN. The benefit of using the best VPN is that you not only unblock the restricted content but also it manages not to disclose your web activities record to the network controller.

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