How to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular streaming channels in the world you may log on to their website and browser to your heart’s content but as soon as you try to watch something you will be slapped in the face by the following message.

Egypt VPN

Unblocking BBC iPlayer

So how do you unblock this channel? Well the easiest way is to get yourself a free proxy and you can easily access it by changing your IP to one which is of the UK but you will be doing that at the expense of your privacy and security. We advise that you don’t go with this solution; the solution which we propose is that you start using a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network which makes you pass through a virtual tunnel. A VPN changes your IP to the location which you desire so that you can browse that Country’s online content. In this case if you select a server of UK then you can access BBC iPlayer. If you are confused on which VPN to buy then you can check out the following VPN from the list.

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Why do you need BBC iPlayer

You need BBC iPlayer if you are the type of person who loves entertainment. BBC iPlayer has some exclusive shows that no one else offers, shows like Top Gear, Sherlock, Doctor Who and other exclusive sporting events. BBC iPlayer can run on browser, Roku device, android, iOS, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In short, accessibility won’t be an issue with BBC iPlayer. Apart from this, BBC iPlayer’s fast and quality streaming service makes it even more desirable.

We live in an era where time is passing by really quickly and technology makes advancement every time we blink. With so much stress in our lives we need sources of entertainment and BBC iPlayer provides just that. If you can access services like Netflix, Hulu or BBC iplayer you can take some time off your hard work. The only problem is the Geo Restriction which leaves us frustrated and unsatisfied. We care about your privacy and we are working on providing the best possible solution which can make you pass through geo-restrictions. We want the internet to be free and open to all and BBC iPlayer is no exception. So get on board the VPN express and enjoy the best possible streaming experience money can get.