Smart DNS & VPN Service

SmartDNSVirtual Private Network (VPN) is the one which everyone is well aware of. Though it gives too many benefits for the users, by giving approach towards restricted platforms, also protect one’s identity over internet by converting the scripting to such unique codes which are unable to understand by the spammers and hackers that continuously in touch with the virtual world in order to get personal credentials for their own benefit and will as well as directed by special authorities to do so. Another advantage of VPN is that by using it, blocked websites and other social platforms which are not accessible on direct basis can easily be get through on simple input. Now question is that

Why ‘Smart DNS’ Got Reputable Position in Presence of VPN?

The answer is bit difficult and tricky to understand as Smart DNS is the link which directs users to the proxy based server through which its users without any hindrance access the unblocked content from any of the reason behind. Smart DNS actually beneficial for those viewers who downloads and regularly watch TV shows via online streaming, as it unblocks regionally restricted media websites includes Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, MTV and others. In previous days these above mentioned websites banned VPN access thus Smart DNS gets more fame for this attractive entertainment platform.

How Smart DNS Works

With the help of Smart DNS users must get through to the Unblock content with a greater speed as compared to VPN. As this system doesn’t work on conventional VPN track which creates a secret cover over one’s IP and allows it access the restricted content also that IP is not detected by any one. Whereas Smart DNS uses the same IP of the user which he is connected through and directs him to the IP’s of the same region or may be if required from other regions as well in order to unlock the desired result. This in comparison, been the better option to access the blocked content as there is no harm in doing that.

The installation of Smart DNS is also not difficult as proxy doesn’t require any kind of installation from third party software. Thus the speed becomes much faster for the users to get connect with the geo restricted data also they get a relief of not receiving any type of fluent advertisements that usually appears after the VPN installation and on running this application.

Devices suitable for Smart DNS

With the help of Smart DNS users get through towards the direct access for above 200+ channels with in 29 countries where there access is totally or partially blocked. And for doing that you cannot push yourself only with a single device, in fact numerous devices can easily done this job quiet well. They include Windows OS, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Android, IPhone, IPad, IPod, Xbox 360, LG Smart TV, Panasonic Smart TV, Google TV, Apple TV and many others.
From the above mentioned statistics one can easily understand the image of Smart DNS as compared to VPN. This surely leads in rise of the users towards this amazing platform. As the days and restriction policies growing on with rapid pace we surely gets a large usage of this ever growing technology. Surely users want the list of the providers which gives Smart DNS proxy. The list of top 5 among the best are as under:

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