PureVPN Review


Purevpn Review

PureVPN Description

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong since 2007, they have been serving the security needs of their users with their power house VPN software. Currently they are catering to their users with 450+ servers in 87 countries.

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PureVPN Plans and Pricing

Currently they have three pricing plans, you can benefit from them if you buy them in a bundle.

Purevpn Review

• The one month package is of $9.95
• The six month package is of $7.46/month
• The annual package is of $4.16/month
We think its safe to say that the annual package reaps more benefits.

Purchasing Process

Purchasing Process of PureVPN is three staged:
1. Choose a package and select add-ons
2. Create an account
3. Pay through their various payment methods

Unique Selling Proposition

PureVPN’s USP is its Split Tunneling feature, the split tunneling feature allows you to decide which app or software should use a VPN and which should not. This allows some of the softwares you have decided to go through the VPN tunnel while the rest of the traffic goes through your normal connection.


PureVPN boasts with a server strength of 450 servers in 87 countries. The largest data centres are located in the UK, US and Canada because they have some exclusive streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer which aren’t available anywhere else.

Purevpn Review

PureVPN Corporate VPN

PureVPN not only caters the average internet users but also the corporate side of the internet as well. Corporate consumers get access PPTP, L2TP IPSEC and SSL/SSTP protocols as well as the convenience of having a READY-TO-USE infrastructure setup for them. And that is beside the fact that corporate consumers are welcome to dedicated servers and a bandwidth of 10000 GB per month.

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Customer Support

PureVPN has one of the best customer support in the market and they are available 24/7 but the only downside is that they are not technically sound and may beat around the bush for a while. They do however have a very good tech support team which are capable enough to fix things for you.
PureVPN helps its customers throug Suppor Ticket, FAQs, The forums, Live Chat 24/7. The live Chat is one of the best features of customer support if you ignore the downside I mentioned.

Payment Methods

PureVPN accepts over 50 payment methods, these include all major platforms such as, Paypal, Credit Cards, AlertPay, Bank Transfer, Paymentwall and Bitcoin. This is also PureVPN’s biggest features no other provider gives as many options as PureVPN. This adds to its strength.


PureVPN is compataible with all the major devices and Operating Systems. It is compatible with :
1. Windows
2. Linux
3. Mac
4. HP Web,
5. IOS
6. Android
7. BlackBeryy
8. Routers
9. Boxee
Some app however; are only available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. Lets face it, besides this everything else is irrelevant.
PureVPN’s compatability is GOLD, it provides accessibility to its users which gives it an edge over its competitors.

Additional Add-ons

1. SmartDNS
2. Nat FireWall & Web Protection
3. Stealth Browser
4. Dedicated Streaming Server
5. Dedicated IP
6. Dedicated IP with Ddos Protection


PureVPN provides 256 bit encryption regardless of the package you choose. Usually VPN Providers provide only 128-encryption but PureVPN and some other VPN providers provide you with extra level of security.

Log Policy

PureVPN keeps no Logs and since they are based in Hong Kong they are out of the jurisdicition of NSA. But they have been ddosed two times in the past and TechCrunch covered a full article on it. Its a shame that a company that provides security features can’t even protect itself. But we aren’t going to rule them out because of this, PureVPN has come a long way and will continue on to improve in the future. But its entirely up to you to decide if you are going to buy their services or not.

Free Trial

PureVPN is a VPN for the middle-class, for very little amount of money they provide a lot of services. Their software is easy to install and use but its mobile app needs to be reworked as it tends to crash a lot. The website is easy to navigate and will help you to make the decision easily.
PureVPN gives discounts on a lot occasions it would be better if you subscribe to their email. PureVPN is cost effective and provides a decent service but there are some lows which has prompted us to give it a 3/5 rating.


1. Affordable
2. Good Compatibility
3. 24/7/365 Live Chat support
4. Widest protocol support including (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP)
5. 50+ Payment Methods
6. 87+ countries (75,000+ IP addresses)
7. Largest collection of servers in UK, US and Canada


1. Only 3 day money back guarantee
2. Security Issues (ddos incident)


30000+ Servers in 105 Countries


740000+ Ips


All devices


Email, Ticket and Forum


All popular payment Method

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