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Private Internet Access is a US based company having its grass roots attached with London Trust Media Inc. as a parent company. Due to this Private Internet Access get a good response and reputable cliental worldwide. Technology is getting better and better on every passing day with such a rapid pace that no one is able to understand which one is reputable to stick with
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Internet world is also growing with large number of users turning towards it day by day. As this is such a large platform so it contains problems as its part and parcel. Large number of hackers, internet thieves, spammers and agencies continuously tracing out human activities over internet. They drive new ways to harm people and get benefit themselves. This makes people to be in great chaos. To cater this issue VPN is such a helpful product available in the market. Hundreds of VPN Providers listed in the market. Private Internet Access is one of them.
Private Internet Access assures its users to give complete anonymity and security to its user. It has 1001+ servers around 10 countries. This vast network of servers associated with Private Internet Access is just heaven for the users that they can switch from any of the available IPs if one is irresponsive. The speed at which this VPN platform works is outstanding along with the simple user interface. It also keeps no logs associated with the users as well as repetition of signing in and out option is no longer becomes waste of time. Detail benefits that a user gets from Private Internet Access are listed below.

Hidemyass Details

As Hidemyass VPN Service is located in 111 locations that includes 448 VPN servers in 62 countries with 54,000 + IP addresses; you can not only virtually hide yourself from unwanted interference but can also stay unidentified and anonymous by choosing a location of your own choice. As Hidemyass VPN has 54k + IP addresses your IP location can change to any place of your choice depending on the location of the server you choose for yourself. So as the saying goes “Life is all about choices you make’, let us tell you what benefits you gain by choosing Hidemyass VPN for yourself.


Private Internet Access gives benefits to its users by multiple protocol support on various devices includes windows operating system, IOS, Mobile and other android supported devices. These protocols include PPTP. Open VPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSL and mschap-v2. These multiple type of protocol support enhances Private Internet Access as an extra ordinary figure in the VPN market.


Private Internet Access has emerged as something special for the VPN users that they can rely on it to connect with the same VPN service from any of their devices. These compatible devices are your Personal Laptops, Computer, Android devices like Smart Phones, Notebook, Apple devices like I Pads, IPhones, IPods, Macintosh Tomato, PFSense, Boxee Box, DD-WRT Routers, Tomato Routers and different devices that supports operating system like Windows, Unix, Linux, and Ubuntu etc. This large compatibility support is enough for the Private Internet Access to get someone to follow their platform.


The main idea behind using the VPN connection is to provide users such a platform that is encrypted by the help of which no one is able to identify what is being written behind. VPN provider transmits your data into such a language that it is impossible for any hacker and cyber criminal what is being written behind. This ability of VPN Providers is useful for those VPN consumers that transfers their online payments and also for those who uses public Wi-Fi on a regular basis. Private Internet Access possessed a very high encryption ability that is being liked by many of the VPN users.


As long as the interface and usability is concerned Private Internet Access offer its users a very simple, attractive and user friendly interface along with the complete flexibility in software. No demonstration what so ever is required for the new users for software installation due to the simplicity of its downloading. User easily pay the amount according to the selected package and get the desired software package which is on few steps away to get start with As everyone is well aware of the fact that Private Internet Access has such a large number of servers to support with. This may affect the speed of the internet. But someone who has a very good reputation in the VPN industry and a very reputable cliental is able to maintain high speed on every note. We check the speed of each and every server and found that the cut off speed after using the Private Internet Access VPN is only 4% to 8%.
Private Internet Access offer unlimited bandwidth. Thus it is very helpful for those users who are fond of downloading. They stream data, download tons of files on a regular basis and upload these files where they desired to do so.

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In today’s world everyone is concerned about of being secured. Private Internet Access benefited its users by giving them completely secured platform by which no one is able to attack their private credentials and harm them over the internet. You can do anything of your choice without getting out of being confused that their passwords are being hacked by the internet thieves who are very active all around the globe.


Providing best of customer support keeps VPN Provider among the top in the list. Private Internet Access is maintaining its reputation by distributing phenomenal support to its users via email, live chat and ticket generation. They give very quick and appropriate response for the users queries. Although the chatting is not available for 24/7 however users get earliest possible response via email. If the users contact the customer support department at the US working timings they will get instant response for their messages and queries. Continuously the work is carried out for the betterment of this facility. To give complete facilitation to its users Private Internet Access put up tutorials and resources on their website that even for the normal computer user it is very easy to understand. Even if the user faces any difficulty in further proceedings he should generate the ticket and get timely and appropriate responses as quickly as possible.


One of the most important and compulsory step that by surpassing over no one is able to activate Private Internet Access to their internet devices is obviously the subscription cost and if users listen about the prices they would get their eyes wide open because it’s just only $3.33 per month if users subscribe it for the yearly basis. If the subscription is for the half yearly basis it will cost $5.99 per month while only one month package cost only $6.95 per month.
Private Internet Access gives benefits to its users at each and every step. So before users get subscription with it they are allowed to enjoy one week free trail offered by Private Internet Access. They can easily checkout on which platform and what speed this VPN provider is fulfilling its tasks.
There are also large numbers of payment options by which you can transfer your amount for subscription. These include Paypal, Google Checkout, Liberty Reserve, Visa Card, OK Pay, CashU, Bit Coin, MasterCard, American Express, Pay Garden and much more. This vast payment options gives user an adequate benefit in transferring their amount.


Private Internet Access designs software according to the user’s need. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS and also the android app for Private Internet Access VPN for those who uses mobile and other android devices for the Internet surfing. Both are easy to install. For desktop users just have to download the installation file on their computer. At the time of subscription users will get their individual login details which they have to put in a setting window that appears instantly after the downloading is complete.
After the downloading users can select the connection type and select region for the best and fast server to connect with. Users can also change the sever setting to auto selection for saving their precious time. It will automatically divert for the fast and best available servers. Once a user complete with all the stuff save them all and after that application will start as seen in the minimize tray. Follow same setting for your android devices just after download from Google play store.


Details of Servers location associated with Private Internet Access are as below.

United states - 416 servers
United Kingdom – 64 servers
Netherlands– 157 servers
Canada – 248 servers
France– 11 servers
Switzerland – 22 servers
Sweden – 29 servers
Romania – 13 servers
Hong Kong – 8 servers
Germany– 19 servers

Having this ample number of servers Private Internet Access is maintaining such a reputable service. It is also helpful for the users to direct themselves from best of the servers available from this huge numbers. This will facilitate more and more users with having any problem and increase worth of the service provided by Private Internet Access.

Private Internet Access earned a reputable space in the VPN Industry by providing best of services to its users for very reasonable rates. Numbers of servers provided by PIA are huge enough to cater large numbers of users with best of speed. Advance version of Private Internet Access VPN contains VPN Kill Switch option, Port Forwarding and DNS Leak Protection. Customer support area needs a little bit of improvement. Otherwise the service is excellent as necessary to stand among the top providers in the VPN market. Needs further description and details about Private Internet Access just go to the website link or feel free to ask our experts just by leaving your comment.


30000+ Servers in 105 Countries


740000+ Ips


All devices


Email, Ticket and Forum


All popular payment Method

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