Overplay VPN Review


Overplay Description

Overplay is a UK based company founded in 2009 to facilitate the internet users to provide them the best possible and easiest solution to access the website. As a VPN provider OverPlay has numerous servers and protocols located all around the globe Their servers are located in large numbers that is they acquire 48 countries which gives OverPlay VPN an extra advantage of giving the best and quick service to the user locally and within their reach.
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Overplay VPN Smart DNS

Smart DNS delimitizes access to block websites which are restricted at the user’s location or on the user’s IP by implementing a simple change in the DNS setting.
It is useful for users of those countries or locations where websites of certain content are blocked. It works exactly like a VPN Service and it causes less or no loss of speed for browsing.

Overplay Global VPN

It is a type of VPN whose strength lies in its presence in the Global marketing. It does not have any band width restrictions. Its service provides the user with the facility of secure and uninterrupted connection even while using a public Wi-Fi. It also gives anonymous access to Skype and other user friendly online chatting software.
It unblocks all restricted and block websites with complete encoding of data for unidentified and uninterrupted browsing.
If a user wants to watch and browse through audios and videos at high speed and staying anonymous then it is preferable for them to use Smart DNS. However, if a complete access is required with compatibility with all types of softwares, then global VPN is the right choice to make. Some of the benefits while using OverPlay VPN are mentioned below:

Oveplay VPN Multiple Protocols

Protocols which are supported by OverPlay VPN include OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, STTP and SSL. The only protocol which OverPlay VPN does not support is IPsec. The number of protocols that OverPlay VPN supports gives an edge to this VPN in providing maximum protection to its users.

Overplay VPN Compatible Operating System and Devices

OverPlay VPN is compatible with latest systems and runs efficiently on all type of operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux. It also supports number of latest devices like Apple TV, Draytek Routers, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Windows Mobile, Boxee, xBox 360, Ddwrt Router, tomato router, tablet, cell phones etc.

OverPlay Encryption Ability

OverPlay encrypted your activities online while browsing. It is also very helpful while you are using public networks such as wifi. As these connections are insecure and unfiltered, OverPlay shows very good encryption ability towards these connections.

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Overplay VPN Seftware

Overplay has its ability to produce something extra ordinary to users in terms of simplicity in the language, requirement and information. Installation is also kept simple for the users so as the payment method and affordability which gives overplay an advantage to use it easily. Overplay offers its users with unlimited band width allocation. It also works with very high speed especially the one server that is smart server designated by overplay itself.

Overplay VPN Security

At OverPlay.net, the client’s security is the top priority, therefore all measures are taken to ensure the user’s safety and security. OverPlay follows a standard SOP that ensures that a user’s experiences complete security , in this way all the user’s data is removed, which gives complete anonymity and freedom to the user to browse through the world of internet.

Oveplay VPN Customer Support

The team at OverPlay provides 24/7 online support to its customers via live chat. All a user has to do is provide personnel information and state the query, afterwards the user is connected to the chat window. The response to the query is first analyzed in detail and is so comprehensive that is clearly reflects the team’s command over the knowledge and provides the user, an accurate solution of the problem.

Overplay VPN Packages and Payment Methods

OverPlay.net is competitive yet affordable software. The user has option of making payments and can also revert back if not satisfied with the service.
SMART DNS Package starts from $4.95 per month where as Global VPN starts from $9.95 per month. Currently OverPlay.net accepts payments through credit cards and Google checkout only.
Another service named as “2 checkout” is also affiliated with OverPlay.net. However the payments made for this service are non revertable.

Overplay VPN Installation Process

To use OverPlay VPN service it is a pre requisite for user to provide personnel information like name, email address, password and country. Once the registration process is completed, the user receives a link via email on his email address. The link will lead you to a page, where registration is completed by providing further information that is required.
Once all the payments are done the user will receive a setup file of the software. After installation of the software the user has to provide the username and password entered at the time of registration.
Once all the installation process is complete the user has to select a server of their choice to connect. After the selection, the user will find numerous servers, all of them are of high speed in between there are also some other servers with a tag of “smart” with them hence showing the fastest servers among all the speedy ones.
These smart fastest servers can be used for downloading or online streaming and running other applications that requires superfast speedy servers.

Location of Overplay Servers

Following are the major locations where OverPlay has its servers.
United states - 7 servers
United Kingdom – 4 servers
Australia – 3 servers
Canada – 3 servers
Ireland – 3 servers
Switzerland – 2 servers
Sweden – 2 servers
Japan – 2 servers
South Koran – 2 servers

Along this, there is also number of other servers and IP addresses in many different locations some of the other locations where OverPlay has its servers are Mexico, Algeria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungry, Russia etc. for further queries on OverPlay.net simply visit the OverPlay.net server location or ask from the experts of bestvpnexperts.com
OverPlay.net has a simple navigation with easy installation of the software. It has a fast downloading and browsing speed and is completely reliable. The user has a variety of servers to choose from and even choice and switch to another server during the ongoing session.
The security feature it offers is far better and reliable then other VPN providers. It is also compatible with all latest devices such as tablets, smart phones etc.
Overplay.net totally respects the user’s decision of withdrawing the registration without payment of any penalty.

All these above mentioned qualities proves that overplay.net is a complete service provider which provides easy and smart solution , hence making it a trusted reliable and good quality service provider which stands among the best and top ranking VPN providers in the VPN industry.


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