IPVanish VPN Review


IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish Description

IPVanish is a US based company having a very good reputation amongst the VPN Providers having a network management experience of past fifteen years or so. As a provider IPVanish is a very strong contender to obtain the topmost position in the list by providing its users a very high anonymity.
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IPVanish Details

IPVanish provides best service and a large network of IPs and servers in numerous countries of the world. The team behind IP Vanish is intelligent and experienced enough as they are running their own infrastructure with so much consistency.
The support which IPVanish is giving is marvelous. Their website also gives a complete reflection of their hard work. It also provides complete information of their services and step by step instructions to use. Some of the features that IP Vanish have are as under.

IPVanish VPN Encryption Ability

IPVanish possess very high encryption ability as they knew the importance of security for their users. It is very beneficial while using a public Wi-Fi to protect your identity because the public networks are insecure. Hackers and other unwanted activities are active in such unfiltered access.

IPVanish Compatibility With Devices and Browsers

IPVanish has a very good compatibility with the most used devices of today’s world. Some of them are IPads, IPhones, Mac, Linux and Windows like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Android devices. It also possesses a much upgraded compatibility with the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chromium and Opera. Some of the website opens slowly but in overall circumstances the result is satisfactory.

IPVanish VPN Software Speed and Unlimited Bandwidth

IPVanish customers enjoy the simplicity of software. From the installation to its working everything is so easy that it can normally handle by its immediate user. The companies that are offering unlimited bandwidth normally does not provide you with best of VPN speed, but in case of IPVanish you will get both of them superbly i.e. unlimited bandwidth and high speed.

IPVanish VPN Protocols Support

IPVanish with its good software service and speed also support multiple protocols. These include OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, L2TP/XML, and PPTP/XML. These numbers of protocols support gives an edge to IPVanish to provide excellent protection.

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IPVanish VPN Security

The quality of any VPN provider can also be judged by the security which the provider is giving. IP Vanish ensures its customers that whatever the user is transferring, the data is wrapped and secure and the user feels free to enjoy online identity even at Wi-Fi hotspots.

Location of IPvanish’s Number of Servers and countries

The countries where IP Vanish has its server locations with having 7000 IPs to choose from them are as under:

a. North America _ USA (81 SERVERS), Canada (3 SERVERS), Mexico (1 SERVER), Panama (1 SERVER),
b. South America_ Argentina (1SERVER), Brazil (1 SERVER)
c. Africa_Egypt (1 SERVER), Africa (1 SERVER)
d. Europe_UK (13 SERVERS), Spain (6 SERVERS), Sweden (6 SERVERS), Switzerland (1 SERVER), Russia (1 SERVER), Romania (1 SERVER), Austria (1 SERVER), Belgium (1 SERVER), Estonia (1 SERVER), Finland (1 SERVER), France (6 SERVER), Germany (4 SERVER), Bulgaria (1 SERVER), Czech Republic (1 SERVER), Denmark (3 SERVERS), Hungry (3 SERVERS), ICELAND (1 SERVER), IRELAND (1 SERVER), Italy (1 SERVER), Latvia(1 SERVER), Lithuania (1 SERVER), Luxembourg (1 SERVER), Moldova (1 SERVER), Netherland (3 SERVERS), Norway (3 SERVERS), Poland (3 SERVERS), PORTUGAL (1 SERVER),
e. Asia_Turkey (1 SERVER), Hong Kong (1 SERVER), India (2 SERVERS), Japan (6 SERVERS), Malaysia (1 SERVER), Singapore (6 SERVER) , South Korea (3 SERVERS)
f. Australia_Australia (3 SERVERS)

Cost and Payment Method

IPVanish VPN facilitate not only just by its service but also the product cost and payment method gives an extra leverage to IP Vanish customers. You can easily enjoy the unlimited version of IPVanish VPN service in only just $10 per month instead of $11.99. However, by availing the discount you will get the cheaper VPN i.e. of $8.99 and $6.49 if you subscribe it for 3 months or for a whole year respectively.
The payment method is as easy and simple as the software itself. You can pay your amount via credit card or PayPal. American express, JCB or wire transfers are other options to forward your transactions.

Free IPvanish VPN

Being a new user it is not easy for anyone to spend a single penny on a service which is unfamiliar to him. IPVanish respects all of its customer’s thoughts and provide them a free 7 day trial version to understand what sort of software it is and the services which is providing by IP Vanish are good enough. Although the paid version defines the complete story but the free version also provides enough knowledge to the new buyers.

IPVanish VPN Installation Process

Setting up IPVanish is not a complicated task at all. Once you have completed with the payment task you will then be provided with the login details. Just simply follow the steps and then u will be connected to the secure world of internet by using IPVanish. The user can easily change its location and IP where he thinks is the best for him.

Mobile Version of IPVanish

With the increasing number of users who use internet from their mobiles and android devices IPVanish VPN also introduce its mobile version from which you connect your mobile phone or android device with the server location and IP of your choice to surf anonymously.

Customer Support by IPVanish

The chapter is not complete if you are providing complete software with best of packages and cool payment option unless you are not entertaining the users by giving them good customer support. Being a new in this market IPVanish completely realizes the importance of customer support via live chat, emails, IPVanish website and public forums. The reply of your question will come within 10 minutes at latest. However their slight issue with the live chat support which is now under great consideration to be resolved soon. One of the best services with little complains gives IPVanish VPN speed is fair enough to rank IP Vanish amongst the good VPN providers. The simplicity of whole software and the payment option with free version gives IPVanish a unique place in the VPN industry.


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740000+ Ips


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