ibVPN VPN Review


ibVPN Description

ibVPN Invisible browsing VPN as its name indicates provides (anonymous) browsing solutions. The company aims to provide online anonymity as well as security to its users by providing a high quality experience at a very low cost.

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ibVPN Accessibility

The availability of its server in different countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom , Canada, Ireland , Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, makes it more accessible. We must not forget to mention China, where many sites are hard to access due to internet restrictions from the government, a VPN service of this kind is a blessing in disguise. ibVPN servers provide its users with static-shared IP address.

ibVPN Services

The user friendly services provided by Ibvpn are Networks like Hulu, BBC, Iplayer, Pandora, Netflix can be accessed from anywhere with a great ease.
Supports torrents and p2p applications.
Supports multiple computers login using the same login account
Makes the use of Skype and other communication tools secure through encrypted tunnels
Unlimited Switches are allowed between different servers for user’s convenience.
Added new feature to Unblock Restricted TV channels without Speed loss via Ibvpns DNS service.

ibVPN Supported Protocols

ibVPN supports VPN protocols
PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)
L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)
OpenVPN and SSTP,

ibVPN VPN is equally compatible with

Android Smartphones, iPhones & iPads
Windows XP/ Vista/95/98/Me/NT/2000/7
Mac OS X 10.2 and higher

ibVPN Subscription Plans and Packages

ibVPN offers inexpensive subscription plans for 1,3,6 or 12 months. The packages have been categorized into three groups Standard VPN package
Supports PPTP, L2TP, Open VPN and Torrent/P2P file sharing
Makes restricted Social media sites accessible like Facebook or YouTube
Frees up and keep secure VoIP applications like Skype e.t.c.
This package is further divided into five different packages
Ultimate VPN ($10.95 per month) –access to 34 VPN servers and an extra of 35 IPs in 18 countries
Total VPN ($7.95 per month)-access to 40 servers in 18 countries
US & Canada VPN ($4.95 per month)
UK & Ireland VPN ($4.95 per month)
EU VPN ($4.95 per month)

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ibVPN Torrent VPN Package

This Package offers services Torrent/P2P file sharing Fast downloading via 4 super-fast servers Supports restricted Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube Frees up and keep secure VoIP applications like Skype

Multi VPN package

Along with all the previously mentioned VPN services this ibVPN package offers multiple users to login simultaneously from different locations with same user Login ID. This package is further divided into two sub packages for families and small business.
The service rates increase as the number of users increases. The maximum numbers of users for this package are 10 persons @ $49.95 per month.

Small Business VPN

For this VPN package the minimum numbers of users are 5 and the maximum can go as high as 20 persons @ $99.95 per month (For more than 20 persons the user needs to contact the concerned authority to get rates).
IbVPN offers discounted packages for subscribing for than one month. The highest discounted rate is offered on 1 year subscription.

Money Back Guarantee?

ibVPN offers 2 hours free trial to test and try its VPN service but on top of that it offers 15 days Money back guarantee. This test & trial offer further gives a chance to user to judge this VPN.

Speed Quality

The speed Quality of ibVPN when tested was found to be fast enough as compared to many other VPN services. The reviews of its users are found to be quite positive and it shows that by the facility of unlimited switching between servers in different countries the users can access any restricted or banned site like HULU or BBC iPlayer and the movie lovers can handle the torrents easily and safely.
The free trial option by the ibVPN service is the best available option to test & trial all their described and promised features.

Test and Trial

The two hours free trial option gives you a room to decide whether to choose this service or not. The rather generous offer from the ibVPN service doesn’t needs you to buy the service first and then testing it. It gives the user free trial even before you buy it.
The Speed test can be run by using xmyip which will instantly tell you which country server you are using and then you can switch between the different servers and test and trial their connection speed, downloading/uploading. The free trial gives user a chance to check accessibility to different sites.


ibVPN is installed depending on Operating System. For not so advanced users Open VPN is recommended as it gets installed automatically and is most secured. Tutorials are available for Windows, Android, DD-WRT and Mac.
PPTP - windows XP/Vista/ 7. PPTP is low on security as the other three.
L2TP - much secured than PPTP but requires extra steps to install.
SSTP - Windows and Linux OS: can be accessible from China and Middle Eastern Countries.


ibVPN claims that they do not keep users activity log however they keep a record of Time, date ,location, duration of the VPN connection and bandwidth usage so that In case of any spam, crime or any unlawful activity ibVPN may trace the log to figure out any violation and then may terminate the service or take necessary measures. ibVPN only collects personal information like name, address, telephone number, credit or debit card information, e-mail address, IP address and the last four digits of credit card number when a user establishes an account ‘or’ place an order on the site, participate in a contest, or when communicates with any of customer service departments, sales or technical services.

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A simple email for refund at sales@ibvpn.com with the reason stated can make refund possible. Apart from that IbVPN also has 15 days money back guarantee.

Let’s take a look at the factors analyzed by bestvpnexpert.com which makes ibVPN a competitive VPN service keeping in view the following points .
Accessible Service from anywhere around the globe with VPN servers in over 18 countries including US and UK.
Free trial of service for 2 hours and 15 days money back guarantee
No limitation on bandwidth usage and speed as well as unlimited number of switching between servers.
Supports Torrents/ P2P
Flexible packages for every user.
Multiple User Login Service
Easy mode of payments and refunds
Not so complicated method of account setup
Restricted TV networks can be accessed via ibDNS without any speed loss.


30000+ Servers in 105 Countries


740000+ Ips


All devices


Email, Ticket and Forum


All popular payment Method

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