How to Unblock YouTube

Egypt VPNYouTube has over 1 BILLION unique visitors each month and it is regarded as the third most popular website in the world. Unfortunately it has been subjected to a lot of censorships over the past few years. YouTube has been either completely or partially blocked over the years due to many political and religious reasons.

This issue of YouTube censorship is a complex one, as there are a variety of reasons for the censorship, plus a range of approaches to implementing it. These range from long term blanket blocking of all YouTube content, to short term bans on specific videos. Reasons for blocking YouTube include:

1. Governments block YouTube to stop hate speeches against the government or religion but mostly it is because of the fact that religious tolerance prevails and has had them block YouTube services. 2. It is blocked to stop the people of the country from being exposed to ideas that may cause political and social unrest which may lead to conflict.
3. It is geo-restricted due to the fact that some of its content may not be available in some countries.
4. It is blocked to prevent the violation of the laws.
5. It is blocked to safeguard the copyright issues and protection of intellectual property.
6. To restrict age-appropriate material
7. Blocked in colleges and workplaces to stop them from being distracted.
8. Because it takes up a lot of bandwidth

YouTube is blocked in a lot of countries due to various reasons. Some of the countries where YouTube is blocked are:

1. China
2. Pakistan
3. Iran
4. Syria
5. Turkmenistan

The reason why YouTube is banned depends on the country, China bans it because they want their own streaming channel to be promoted and they also want to control the content which is being shown to the public whereas Pakistan banned it in September 2013 due to religious conflicts and it’s still banned until and unless they take that video down.

Solution To Unblock Youtube

The solution to this common problem is very simple; all you need to do is get yourself a VPN. There are many VPN providers in the market but we have picked up 5 best VPNs which will help you get through these restrictions. Here is the list:

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VPN hides you inside a tunnel which then protects your identity and location from which you are accessing YouTube. You can select a server in the USA and trick your ISP in to thinking that you are accessing this website from USA. This way you will get complete access to YouTube. So get on board the VPN express and enjoy internet freedom.

Happy streaming everyone.