Hidemyass VPN Review


Hidemyass VPN Review

Hidemyass Description

HideMyAss is a Pro VPN service provider which keeps your IP address and your activities on internet concealed from the impertinent and unnecessarily curious software and hackers. HideMyAss VPN is one of the best choices to make to safeguard yourself and your internet connection
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Hidemyass Details

As Hidemyass VPN Service is located in 111 locations that includes 448 VPN servers in 62 countries with 54,000 + IP addresses; you can not only virtually hide yourself from unwanted interference but can also stay unidentified and anonymous by choosing a location of your own choice. As Hidemyass VPN has 54k + IP addresses your IP location can change to any place of your choice depending on the location of the server you choose for yourself. So as the saying goes “Life is all about choices you make’, let us tell you what benefits you gain by choosing Hidemyass VPN for yourself.

Hidemyass VPN Encryption Ability Review

HideMyAss VPN encrypted your online activities from hackers and unwanted interference. It is highly useful while browsing through public networks which are insecure and have unfiltered access.

Hidemyass 54K+ IP Address on Diffrent Locations

Once you connect to HideMyAss VPN service, your identity is veiled behind 54k+ IP addresses with an anonymous location of your own choice.
HideMyAss VPN delimits any barriers on your internet activities – with Hide My Ass there is no such thing as blocked websites or ports.

Hidemyass VPN User Friendly Software

It is easy to use and understand even for a beginner a set of easy and understandable instructions makes HideMyAss VPN a highly user friendly software.

Hidemyass VPN Spports Multiple Protocols

HideMyAss VPN supports multiple protocols that include Open VPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols which ensure maximum protection.

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Hidemyass VPN Speed and Bandwidth

With a wide range of servers and IP addresses, HideMyAss VPN provides highly diversified VPN service with no compromise on speed and bandwidth allocation.

Maximum Security

HMA is reliable VPN software with maximum security and a consistent speed. With Hide My Ass hardly any disconnections are observed.

How Does Hidemyass VPN Works?

Once a user connects to Hide My Ass servers, he has option to choose from 54k+ IP addresses with 446 servers in 61 countries. In this way, they have a choice to select from any server located anywhere in the world. Every time the use connects to Hide My Ass, they are allocated a new IP address. One IP address is allocated to one user at a time. The repetition of IP addresses is only possible when they have been connected to all the available IP address which is a rarity. With Hide My Ass one can follow that how many number of times an IP address has been allotted to the user. This way the online activities remain secure and untraceable.

Hidemyass Servers and IP Address Count in a Year

HideMyAss has increased its servers from 254 to 446 from August 2012 to August 2013. This increase in number over a year indicated high availability of choices among IP addresses Hide My Ass offers and this count will keep on increasing.

Hidemyass VPN Easy Software Installation

HideMyAss software can be installed in any number of computer systems but to ensure the promised safety and security; it can only be used on two no. of computer systems simultaneously. This way the subscription remain secure and your choice of IP address remains wide open.


Hide My Ass is compatible with Open VPN, L2TP and PPTP Protocols.
Encryption strength of Open VPN is 128 bit.
PPTP offers encryption strength of 128 bit enciphered with coagulation.

Location of HideMyAss VPN Servers

North America – USA; 230 servers and 29369 IP addresses.
North America – Canada; 20 servers and 1899 IP addresses.
Europe – United Kingdom; 60 servers and 7373 IP addresses.
Europe – Netherlands; 16 servers and 2381 IP addresses.
Europe – Germany; 10 servers and 1185 IP addresses.
Europe – France; 9 servers and 112 IP addresses.
Europe – Luxembourg; 7 servers and 691 IP addresses.
Asia – Malaysia; 5 servers and 304 IP addresses.
Asia – Singapore; 3 servers and 384 IP addresses.
Oceania – Australia; 4 servers and 454 IP addresses.
Africa – Egypt; 5 servers and 160 IP addresses.
Beside these, there are also numerous other servers and IP addresses in many different locations which can easily demonstrate the wide range of servers and IP addresses that Hide My Ass offers.

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Hidemyass Payment Method

To subscribe for HMA software; the user has to be provide their email address and provide a user name and password of their choice. They then have to choose a mode of payment from the below given services.
PayPal, Visa Card, DalPay, Liberty Reserve, Alert Pay, Amex, MasterCard, Discover; Google Checkout

Installation Process

Once a user subscribes, they will receive a confirmation email on the email addresses provided by the user. In that email, user shall be provided with step by step instruction with selection of server of his own choice and also a guideline that how HMA servers start.
Downloading and installation of the HMA software is a basic step by step process which is user friendly and once you are done with installation you will be directed towards the nearest server and protocol of your choice.
Servers are sorted out either in reference to the nearest country or server location or any of the custom setting according to the user requirement.
A load balancing feature is an additional feature on all HMA servers which determines the availability of servers of user’s choice.
Once the user is connected, he can switch his IP address and location of the servers with any other IP address and server of his choice. The user can even design a schedule for change of IP address and server location. This is highly useful for large agencies and companies who works on international platforms and different time zones.
One of the favourite features of Hide My Ass is secure IP binds. The features make applications run behind a secured concealed connection. If, for any reason a connection drops all running applications are immediately stopped and the unsecured connections are terminated. In this way, your IP address remains encrypted and concealed from the cyber world.
The user is allowed to connect to any server located anywhere so that they have a choice selected the fastest one based on the downloading speed or the ping test.

HMA Customer Support

Hide My Ass provides 24/7 customer support via email and live call. Queries via email are responded within one hour, if received during working hours of UK. Live chats are also entertained in normal working hours of a day.
HMA has a crowded forum area so any query posted on the forum is quickly replied by active community members online at that time.
The blogs are updated on weekly basis where the users are informed with the latest tips, tutorials and interesting news from the VPN world.
The customer support staff is highly knowledgeable and have responsive to queries as they have a comprehensive library regarding all topics on VPN.
The customers that use windows and OSX are provided with an additional feature of multi protocols. The users that use Linux are also provided with downloading instructions.
Step by step guide for setting up PPTP on Windows XP, Windows 7, IOS and Android is also provided by Hide My Ass.

Hidemyass VPN Android Support

Hide My Ass provides great service of Android phones and provides a list of various IP address from the PPTP server list. The IP address can also be tested using the speed guide test provided by HMA.

Hidemyass Free Service

A range of free anonymous service provided by HMA is its most attractive feature and no review shall complete without a brief overview of these service.

Hidemyass VPN Free Web Proxy

This server allows any user to connect to internet and browse anonymously from a secure SSL connection. The basic feature of this service is The traffic is encrypted.
The user can select from any three servers. It does not offer online services and can be easily blocked. Even then it’s a great service for user, who wants to protect their online activities.
The service runs fine but web pages take time in loading.
It’s a useful tool in checking the blocked websites but not helpful to access and browse through them properly. Never the less it’s good as it’s free.

Free Disposable Emails IDs

HMA provides free encrypted email address that can be used in communicating with the un trusted users. This email address can be set on self destruction mode for any time duration a user wants and then the emails can be received on users original email address.

Free IP: Public Proxy Server

Another way of browsing the web without revealing the identity is by using a public proxy server. All the servers are easily compatible with the browsers but the conventional problem of overcrowding on public server remains the same.
Whereas HMA servers keep on updating the information as soon as it receives, keep a track on the server connection on time. This help the users in finding a useful server based on their need and choice.
Hide My Ass is one of the most satisfying experiences for the user with its user friendly functions and loaded applications. All proxy setting and account details are manageable from the software which makes a major contribution in making HMA, one of the best service providers in market. Hide My Ass is user friendly software which provides a general public a free platform to maintain their online privacy and furnish a very good platform to the VPN users as it supply with no bandwidth restrictions and also the choice of VPN protocols that HMA offers and we as BestVpnExpert.com analyzed Hide MY Ass a very helpful and comprehensive service provider in the VPN World.


30000+ Servers in 105 Countries


740000+ Ips


All devices


Email, Ticket and Forum


All popular payment Method

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