ExpressVPN Review


ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Description

Maintaining a very simple and user friendly interface Express VPN at the same time giving large number of protocol support that is beneficial for creating a the top most reputable security service in VPN Industry. Express VPN also facilitate its users by giving support for different types of internet connecting devices
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Attaining the top most position in VPN industry is not easy at all inspite of having such a large market. The list of VPN providers is well across hundreds and maintaining high quality of service is very difficult in such a scenario, but Express VPN projected its identity in such a manner that no such VPN Provider is not be able to compete on that grounds which Express VPN benefited its users. Maintaining a very simple and user friendly interface Express VPN at the same time giving large number of protocol support that is beneficial for creating a the top most reputable security service in VPN Industry. Express VPN also facilitate its users by giving support for different types of internet connecting devices, different types of payment options for the users for varying dimension to submit their money in order to get this marvelous VPN provider services on their first hand.

From all the above mentioned features Express VPN also able to maintain such encryption ability that no one will be to track out your identity whether you are online from your cell phone, your PC or any other device with via public Wi-Fi. For further details associated with Express VPN a complete description along with packages and plans are listed below.


Express VPN has given its users an extra advantage by providing them an added option i.e. shared or Dynamic IP by the help of which the anonymity which is foremost requirement becomes stronger as it is the main concern for most VPN consumers. Some other VPN protocols which add credibility of Express VPN are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Open VPN and SSTP. These all VPN protocols are not only preferable for user’s desktop but also internet connecting devices like mobile phones, I Pads, Tablets etc.


Turning out to be multi dimensional as compared to other VPN Providers as Express VPN offers compatibility of its software with multiple modern platforms such as Windows, Mac OS/X, Android devices, Linux, I Phones, I Pads, I Pods etc. For the feasibility of the users Express VPN launches many “Apps” such as Android app, Windows app, Mac OSX app, IOS app etc. These dedicated features give advantage to VPN users to get out of the hassle which they face of setting separate manual connection of VPN for their devices. After signing up from the devices you just simply follow the step by step instructions or follow the tutorials to get Express VPN connection for your devices.


The process by which user’s identity becomes invisibly or in simple terms becomes unreadable for anyone is called encryption ability. Express VPN is best at it. The VPN Provider that ensures full time security to its users must have good capability of encryption as due to this the hackers and other security agencies can not identify one’s identity. Express VPN possess this ability by default.


At its very beginning when Express VPN does not have large number of servers available we had easily noticed that the speed of browsing, surfing and other are not the notable one but as the time passes by with the increase in number of servers the speed issue automatically resolved. Not every VPN provider will be able to provide 100% speed. So the speed which the Express VPN user’s get is approximately 75% checked on speed test meter which is comparatively not bad. It is for those users who do not have any nearby Express VPN server to connect with and they are connected with the far away servers.

Express VPN is extremely helpful for those users who have the problem of having a limited band width allocation because it provides its users with unlimited band width option with no cut off speed in between. This feature makes Express VPN a prominent figure in the VPN market.

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When you turn on the VPN connection your first demand is to get the maximum security. Express VPN with its vast experience in the field of VPN industry is able to do that task quiet handsomely for its users. This VPN benefit is heavenly for those internet users who are continuously make transactions and conduct personal meetings online. It’s a matter of fact that these type of activities have to be done secretly and online threats are very active over this. Thus Express VPN gives its users an extra advantage by creating a secured case around the user’s identity.


Using any of the service where services based or technology based you always need a good customer support in response. VPN technology possesses no difference too. You always need a good customer support from the VPN service brand in order to find out solution for your problems. Express VPN is that VPN provider of the industry that achieve so much fame due to its excellent service in which marvelous customer support plays an important part. It gives 24/7 live chat support to its users along with the email response facility. The email facility is slow as users get reply within a day or so. Our recommendation is to get facilitate yourself by customer live chat support of Express VPN. Usually the live chat support facility is good enough because the support officers are connected to resolve the problem worldwide and whatever time it is.


Express VPN directs its users to choose a plan according to their need and desire hence enjoy each of the package with a complete unlimited VPN offers. At its very basic Express VPN charged comparatively much greater amount than what currently it is. Due to the services which Express VPN offered the amount would be not enough but due to the customers feedback and standing on the first place in the VPN industry this step have to be taken to minimize the subscription cost. Now the monthly package for the subscribers who activates account for one month only is $ 12.95 per month. Similarly for those who want to subscribe for 6 months it will cost them to $ 9.99 per month saving of 23 % and for yearly basis the amount falls down to $ 8.32 i.e. saving of 35 % over all.

Express VPN not ensures only an excellent service to its users but also maintaining a very good reputation in the VPN market. One would easily understand its very good criteria for the new users who wants to check the service by using it for one month if the user couldn‘t get satisfied by the VPN service then he will be able to claim and get back in return the amount which he had already submitted for subscription.


It is one of those steps without doing this users are unable to use the Express VPN software. Although the software is by default available in Windows and Mac devices. The installation process is very easy if user wants a manual installation. The availability of manual software is also in both platforms that is Windows and Mac. The installation process clearly defines what’s the next step would be. User can easily change the parameters according to its on need and requirements that is server location, selection of security protocols and also the IP address. If the user is using Linux Operating system then definitely it requires a manual installation only. No by default service uptill develop by Express VPN Team.


Express VPN has its servers located in 39+ countries and its growing on a regular basis. Main countries where Express VPN has its servers includes USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Spain, Hungry, Portugal, Greece, Japan, India, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Argentina, South Korea, Singapore, Panama, Brazil, Finland, Luxemburg, Thailand and so on. This such a large number of countries where the servers are located gives benefit for the users of any region to unblock any data from anywhere. Just simply change the server location parameters from the software and get the restricted content available. Although in total the servers are 200+ but as compare to the vast network broadened over 39 countries the totality of servers is not large enough. In future we surely see the large server platform of Express VPN in the industry.

From the above mentioned statistics found in the service provided by the Express VPN placed that VPN Provider on the higher ranking side. Multiple protocol support for security and encryption ability marked Express VPN position on the top of the list for benefiting its users a very high level of anonymity. Customer support area needs a little bit of improvement which is getting better on every passing day. Number of countries that are catered for server location are numerous however 200 servers in total are not as huge number as it going to be in near future. by all of these we can simply conclude that Express VPN stands out with the top VPN Providers of the industry and proving itself to get the individual top position in the market.


30000+ Servers in 105 Countries


740000+ Ips


All devices


Email, Ticket and Forum


All popular payment Method

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