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CyberGhost Description

Searching for VPN having a very high speed in just one click, fast and easy installation plus no one can track you whether a website or social media plug in?? If your answer is yes and you are just rolling your eyes in thinking what’s the name of VPN?? Cyberghost VPN provides you with best of these answers. It gives you with best of the services with user friendly interface. Customer support is also exceptional and live server status information also present.
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CyberGhost VPN helps number of users who are frequent travelers and keep your anonymity and protect your identity while using a public Wi-Fi. Cyberghost VPN also protects your identity and make your internet connection encrypted and your IP hidden. Some of the key features that Cyber ghost possessed are as under.

Cyberghost Protocols Support

Cyberghost VPN supports multiple protocols like Open VPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec. The protocols support is not wide enough however this compartment needs a lot of improvement to see the number in ascending order. If someone considered this as the negative point of Cyberghost than it must be not enough to say that it is not a good provider regarding of many positive aspects.

Cyberghost VPN Compatible OS and Devices

The range of devices those are compatible with Cyberghost VPN great in number. Some of the commons are android, IPad, IPhone, Mac OS, Linux. Some of the other operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7 are also included in the list of supported operating system of Cyberghost VPN.

Cyberghost VPN Encryption Ability

The encryption ability possesses in Cyberghost VPN makes it different from other VPN providers. It enciphers your data in so different manner that no one even realize what’s going on behind.

Cyberghost VPN Software

The simplicity lies in the whole Cyberghost VPN from the website to the installation process. Everything is so clear and so well organize that user can’t stick not for a single second that what’s the next step is. This will give Cyberghost VPN as extra edge of getting among the top in the list of VPN providers.

Cyberghost VPN Speed and Bandwidth

By realizing the fact that improvements and advancements in the field of VPN industry makes CyberGhost VPN in a move to allow unlimited bandwidth allocation for their users in their paid version. However the free version is still running with limited band width. Cyber Ghost also introduces large number of servers in different regions. These boost the speed on a good basis. The browsing speed has also improved. Maximum security for any VPN provider is the key; CyberGhost provides maximum security for their users.

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Free VPN by Cyberghost

Cyberghost facilitates its users by giving them free service. It is good enough for the one to take advantage of this free version. One thing the free VPN user enjoys the speed which Cyberghost free VPN have, also the pop ups and ads are limited with large time of disconnectivity. The added advantage is that you can use Cyber ghost free version without downloading. These all saves time and money for those who want to use the free VPN service for simple browsing and downloading without disclosing their identity for short intervals. Cyberghost free VPN connected with the nearest servers in order to facilitate its users at their door step.

Cyberghost VPN Payment Options

Cyberghost VPN offers multiple payment option to promote the simplicity and show the excellent service which they offer. These options include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, Google checkout, wire transfer, credit card etc. these multiple options give advantage in order to get the cyber ghost in your vicinity as quickly as possible.

Cyberghost Pricing and Packages

To fulfill the need of users belongs to different standards Cyberghost VPN also introduces different packages and pricing plans. These include free service, premium service and premium plus. The details of above mentioned packages are as below.

Support 1 connection at a time Support 1 connection at a time Support 1 connection at a time
only support Open VPN Protocol support only support Open VPN Protocol support only support Open VPN Protocol support
0,00 £ 4,49 £/month 6,69 £/month
Some other features also exist in premium version and premium plus that you can explore by using these plans offered by Cyber Ghost VPN.

Cyberghost Customer Support

Cyberghost VPN provides good customer support to its users by giving them live chat option. They also launch the ticket generate facility. Users, without wasting their time address their issue and generate their ticket according to that without wasting their time in long emails, which they get a quick response. However they also get a quick response via emails but it was time taking. FAQ is another added advantage for the Cyberghost VPN customers. They may also get help from this additional facility. As the Cyber ghost VPN is the German based company so they launched bulletin board that gives one by response of threads in German language as well as in English.

Cyberghost VPN Installation Process

To install CyberGhost VPN is not a difficult task. It is so easy and user friendly that even a person who is using a VPN for the first time can easily installed software of VPN. The interface is so appealing that user get overwhelmed while using. You just simply press the download button from the CyberGhost VPN website. After completing the download just follow the steps shown in front of you in order to get the complete installation. But before the installation you must have to make your personal account that is for the free version as well as for the paid ones too.
After the downloading and installation dedicated IP is given to you and you have to choose the server location of your choice. Servers and IPs are divided up to packages CyberGhost VPN offered.

Cyberghost Server Locations

CyberGhost VPN has around 250 servers located in 20 countries. 12 Free servers and 22 paid servers are dedicated for the premium paid version. The number of servers has increased recently by judging the needs as the number of subscribers exceeds over 2 million. Further list of servers with countries location are as under:

Germany -53 servers
USA -38 servers
Romania -23 servers
Great Britain -18 servers
Russia -11 servers
Switzerland, Norway, Finland -10 servers
Spain, Ukraine -8 servers
Czech Republic -6 servers
Italy, Iceland -5 servers
Denmark, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland -3 servers
Netherland -2 servers

From the above mentioned features we considered CyberGhost VPN a very attractive and user friendly VPN providers. Some issues monitor regarding of its support that response might not be as quick as we mentioned. However package is overall nice to consider this VPN for your device whether for the desktops, laptops and your mobile phones. The free and trial version also embedded with lots of functions that are present in the paid VPN. The speed which Cyber Ghost VPN provides for its premium plus version is marvelous. Overall Cyber Ghost in Best VPN Expert is the user’s choice who wants something complete to start with.


30000+ Servers in 105 Countries


740000+ Ips


All devices


Email, Ticket and Forum


All popular payment Method

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