Twitter once again being blocked in Turkey after receiving the orders from court, to the access and publications of videos and pictures of the suicide blast that happened earlier this week, killed almost 35 young socialist in the south-eastern borde22r town of Suruc, near the border of Syria.

The ban is temporary however this is not the first time; Turkey has faced such type of social media restrictions.  Several ISPs blocked access for twitter and Turkish technology and communication authority (BTK) has not involved in this act so the ban is no longer lasting said by the senior official.

Turkey banned twitter, Facebook and YouTube several times in past few years due to several barricades received over government point of view and also for the images, videos and other data that are socially explicit. Due to these activities normal user gets suffered and he just wants a clear restriction free platform to work, to socialize and connect with the world around. For this purpose nothing is best except the use of Virtual Private Network.  The list mentioned below is issued after carefully reviewed the best VPNs of the industry. By the help of this user can easily access twitter from Turkey at any time without any hindrance and also connects with other social media websites including YouTube and Facebook too.

Top 5 VPNs to Unblock Twitter

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